Insurtech News July 4, 2017

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CoinDesk – Michael del Castillo – Jun 28

The World Economic Forum has published a detailed white paper arguing that blockchain stakeholders should organize in a way that would dwarf even the largest consortia. Released today, ‘Realizing the Potential of Blockchain’ proposes that a new…

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CoinDesk – Stan Higgins – Jun 28

Two private preschools in New York City now accept bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies for tuition payments, according to their co-founder. Montessori Schools, based in the Flatiron and SoHo neighborhoods of Manhattan, began accepting bitcoin…

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Forbes – Casey Hynes – Jul 3

Microfinance is has been widely recognized as an important strategy for lifting people out of poverty. Rather than throwing money at people’s problems, so to speak, you give them a loan so they can build a business, generate income, create…

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New York Times – Katie Benner – Jul 3, 5:54 PM

The upheaval over sexual harassment in the technology start-up industry mushroomed on Monday, with the resignation of a prominent Silicon Valley investor who said he had been “a creep” and more women saying they would come forward to…

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Business Insider – Jul 4, 1:00 AM

Banking startup Tide raised $14 million in one of the largest Series A funding rounds closed by a fintech company this year. Tide, a digital-only banking app aimed at small businesses, has also partnered with online lender iwoca, in a move to allow…

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